A larp about lack, identity and power

If you could spend 24 hours with anyone, alive or dead... Who would you choose? What would you do?


In the near future, the OSIRIS Institute makes it possible to spend 24 hours with a Copy of a real person, dead or alive. Participants in this larp play the parts of the Institute’s Clients, Copies and Employees.


"Wish You Were Here" is inspired by larps such as “Conscience” and “Pan/Baphomet’, by TV series such as “Black Mirror” and “Westworld”, and of course by Philip K. Dick. It's an adult larp with a Narrativist approach.


The larp will take place from November 21st to November 24th 2019 in the Cher region of France (about 3 hours drive south of Paris). For more information, please refer to the Design Document, available for download below.


For any questions, write to: orgas.gn.osiris@gmail.com


To sign up, please carefully read the Design Document and the Characters Document (PDFs available below), then fill in the following sign-up questionnaire before July 1st 2019 (sign-up stays open after this date for the waiting list):



Design Document
Everything you need to know to sign up and participate.
Wish You Were Here - Design Document (no
Document Adobe Acrobat 1.8 MB
Characters Document
Characters for the larp, to be developed collaboratively by the participants.
Wish You Were Here - Characters (nov2019
Document Adobe Acrobat 1.4 MB